Stacy has provided support and guidance during what was probably one of the most difficult times in my life. I first came to see her racked with anxiety, unable to sleep, and in both physical and emotional pain. With patience and kindness she helped me develop a plan to address my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our individual sessions were a wonderful experience, teaching me how to slow down and providing technical guidance on poses that I incorporated into a daily home practice. I have found the daily practice to be grounding and anxiety reducing. I have experienced an overall improvement in my health and a deeper patience with myself and my body that I have never known before. I would recommend Stacy to anyone. The opportunities for healing and growth are endless.
— Natalie B.
Working with Stacy during my pregnancy was truly a gift. I had a little bit of yoga experience, but was totally new to yoga with a pregnant body. Stacy is so calm, loving, and patient. I always felt comfortable. She made each session count, helping me build strength, flexibility, and inner peace each week leading up to the birth of my son. The knowledge and encouragement she shared with me during that time made a huge difference in my life!
— Jillian T.
I attended your first yoga class of this season. I really enjoyed myself. I went home and told my husband that your class was “just what the doctor ordered!!
— T.G.
Just wanted to thank you for such a great session last evening. I really enjoyed the breath work and found it very centering.
— G.R.
I enjoyed meeting with you as well; you are a great teacher! Thank you for the articles. Looking forward to working these practices into my routine.
— Lisa K.